Lucia Bustamante

Uruguayan but world-based Product Designer with a background in Industrial Design and Computer Processing and over 6 years of experience. Working remotely, mentoring, eating books, playing retro video games 🎮, and leading a women in tech community.

+6 years of experience shipping products and collaborating with cross-functional product teams, with a passion for turning complex problems into simple and engaging experiences.

I have experience working in small design studios, advertising agencies, startups, and big companies, so I can adapt easily to different environments.

I have a bachelor in Computer processing, but I discovered my passion for Design in 2005 and the same year I graduated in Graphic Design. Since then I have experimented in many design fields. I feel a deep interest in areas such as Crypto, Voice UI, AR/VR. 

My experience in the Software/Product industry is working and collaborating with product and tech teams from discovery to launch

I have experience designing SaaS, B2B, B2C, and B2G products, and collaborating with diverse teams in dynamic, rapid growth environments. I’m also a Design Culture and design ethics advocate.

I’m very interested in social causes and volunteering, especially in being part of causes that promote gender equality 🏳️‍🌈Working in a male-dominated field, and living the challenges of being a woman in tech, encouraged me to found a Women in tech community. I also enjoy providing guidance and advice to junior designers.

I love ramen 🍜, summer, sunsets, dogs, long trips✈️, meetups and conferences, horror movies, rollercoasters, and history documentaries.

Sometimes I do crazy stuff here, and register precious moments here

And this is me as a Metahuman

Design Mentor

I offer individual and group mentorships on design career development, design work and portfolio review on ADPList and IxDF Bootcamps.